About Us

Our Mission

To Remove Roadblocks for Young People to help them succeed and thrive in whatever they put their minds to.

To give young people a helping hand to achieve their goals at a time when they need it most encourages independent thinking, a social conscience and self-belief. This can change the trajectory of a young person’s life.

Encouraging success

We do this by supporting Individuals and Groups with Financial Grants, Sharing Connections and Encouraging Success. 

We are an independent, family-run charity. Our income comes entirely from community fundraising,  events, and donations from generous companies and individuals


The Starr Trust has simply changed the course of my life. I could never have imagined the adventures I’ve had and the life that I now lead due to your constant and unwavering support.




The Starr Trust’s support isn’t only financial; not only have they provided funding to support my sporting career, they have also provided opportunities for me to develop as a person.




There aren’t enough words to describe how much the Starr Trust has changed my life.




The Starr trust helped kick start my career in the Arts 10 years ago. Since then, my career has been a ride unlike anything I could have dreamed of at the time.



Our Values


We aim to be transparent in all we do and to act in accordance with our values at all times.


Our organisation is built on the passion of our team and the passion of the young people we support. Our goal is to nurture that passion and support all who work for and with us to fulfil their potential.

Passionate people care about their work and each other. They are approachable, committed, flexible and creative. They strive to improve themselves and those around them. They know how to have fun whilst taking responsibility.

We are passionate about our people because we know our organisation would be nothing without them.


We believe that diversity encourages creativity and leads to a healthy exchange. We welcome diversity in all forms – people, ideas, opinions, backgrounds – and strive to think outside the box of our own limited experience. This is reflected in our people, our events, our programmes and our applicants. We do not discriminate but celebrate the potential in all we encounter.


Collaboration is central to our culture, both in our team and in our community. We value the unique contribution of each team member and aim to find out who they are and how they fit. As an organisation, we look to partner, not compete and strive to find the “win-win” solution which brings benefit to all. We are most successful when we work together, building networks of like-minded people to achieve positive results.


Independence is important to us. We are not aligned to any political party, religion or ideology and do not tolerate discrimination or hatred. Within our organisation, we are free to express ourselves, contribute ideas, innovate, try things out, fail. We are free from ridicule, blame, judgement and bullying. We trust our people to have autonomy over their work and will support them to achieve their goals.


Freedom without accountability is chaos. We understand that actions have consequences and that we exist within a community. We look to evaluate ourselves and our impact at all times and expect honest, constructive and engaged feedback from those we work with. We know that as people we are accountable to each other, our awardees are accountable to us, and as an organisation, we are accountable to you.


As an organisation, we are always open to change. To stay relevant and sustainable we must be responsive to our environment and willing to adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves in. An evolving organisation does not stand still but listens to the current of the times and flows with it.

Living by our values helps us make a POSITIVE IMPACT on our community, and we strive towards this goal in all we do.

Our Team

Our organisation is built on the passion our team has for helping young people.

We value the unique contribution of each team member and aim to find out who they are and how they fit.

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Our patrons

Our Patrons do more than lend us their name, they actively work with us to promote our name to their wider audience. We are blessed to have Patrons who genuinely care enough about the young people we work with and are so connected to the Starr Trust that they truly are part of our team.

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our Trustees

All our trustees take a personal interest and responsibility for ensuring we correctly manage the money and assets that have been set aside in a trust for the benefit of someone else. They also ensure that we always stick to our mission of Removing Roadblocks for Young People. Our Trustees do this selflessly and very much act to enable us to continue the good work of the Starr Trust. Each and every one of our Trustees is a true and dear friend of the charity.

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Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are passionate about inspiring others to help our Starrs. They have a personal connection with the Starr Trust, which has affected them. Our honorary Ambassadors are our representatives, who help us build community connections. We are extremely grateful for the huge impact their contributions make to the Starr Trust.

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