52x52 Challenge

Follow the unique journey of Starr Trust Founder & Chairman Rob Starr, whilst he takes on an extreme year long challenge - an Olympic Distance Triathlon every week for 52 weeks in 2022!

Our Target

£34,744 raised of £100,000 goal

The Cause

One of the inspirational young people we support is Nathan, who’s dream is to get to the next Paralympics. Rob’s unique ‘52 Triathlons in 52 Weeks’ challenge came about because Nathan needs to raise around £20,000, to enable him to reach the next Paralympics as a wheelchair tennis player. He is a remarkable young man who has Cerebral Palsy and who until 18 months ago, was a successful wheelchair racer who the Starr Trust was supporting. During a world championship race, Nathan suffered an accident that meant he could no longer race. So rather than give up he switched to wheelchair tennis and is now on the cusp of being chosen for the next Paralympics.

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Updates from Rob

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Triathlon 27

Triathlon 27 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 27, 2022

A repetition can be defined as one complete movement of a particular exercise. Yep that’s what this challenge is. It’s the 52x52 Repetition Challenge. And the result is a build up of exhaustion.

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Triathlon 26

Triathlon 26 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 20, 2022

Officially half way! Today was my 3rd triathlon in 7 days, 25 weeks into the challenge and number 26 out of 52 done. And I have done it with no obvious injuries, which is either a miracle or because I am being looked after by Ross Thornton, the best coach and trainer there is.

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Triathlon 25

Triathlon 25 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 13, 2022

Triathlon 25/52, second one in 2 days. This was an official one in Eastbourne called Tribourne. It was the setting for the full Ironman I did last year and I have to say I think I had a little PTSD standing there waiting for the off🤣.

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Triathlon 24

Triathlon 24 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 10, 2022

This morning was a simple get it done Tri, but of course I put in the usual hard work that I do every week.

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Triathlon 23

Triathlon 23 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 06, 2022

Triathlon Number 23/52 done - getting seriously close to the half way point.

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Triathlon 22

Triathlon 22 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted May 30, 2022

Last night I got home from work at 9pm so really couldn’t see myself getting up and doing a triathlon in the morning...

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