November 7, 2022

Triathlon 48 - 52x52 Challenge

Thursday 03/11/22

Number 48

Swim – 33.39

Bike – 1.26.16

Run – 41.27

Triathlon 48/52 done – 4 left on the countdown

This was my third triathlon in the last seven days and the second consecutive one indoors due to the weather. I did try to get into the sea, and as you can see from the little chart I didn’t get far in that madness, actually was lucky to get out ☹️.  So it was back to the gym and indoor swim, and indoor bike & run as the wind and rain were brutal again. It does feel a touch of madness doing a whole triathlon in the gym, but the challenge is 52 Olympic Triathlons in the year and that means I have to do them however I am able to (and I guess I try to be as safe as possible mostly).

With 4 now left to do I am on target to do my final one on 30th November to coincide with the Starr Trust’s final event of the year, being the Celebration Night. It seems fitting to finish my challenge on that day so I can celebrate all that the Starr Trust has done this year and also celebrate the end of this numbing madness that is the 52x52 challenge.

The fundraising has been amazing with over £60,000 raised, which is an astonishing figure, but it is still well short of my target. So if you or your company can spare a few quid I would honestly be so grateful. As I do my final push to get this challenge done it would be outstanding if you could give the fundraising a final push for me. Just think, in 4 weeks' time you never have to hear about my triathlons ever again (nor do I 😊)

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A short blog to end; Triathlon 52/52 done. So pleased it’s over. Lots of money raised for the Starr Trust and I really hope it continues as there are so many young people who need our help.

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That was one of the hardest yet both physically and mentally. Physically because my back is still in muscle spasm, caused by a Crohn's flare up that needed rest but didn’t get it. Mentally because the whole triathlon was done gym based, which meant no sea, no air, no trees, no birds - just a clock telling me I’ve hardly started!

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