November 21, 2022

Triathlon 50 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 18/11/22

Number 50

Swim – 39.00

Bike  - 1.28.55

Run – 58.28

I am once again 50!  That is in Triathlon land of course.  Today was number 50/52.  It’s hard to believe that I have done 50 Triathlons this year.

It’s almost impossible to think that I have stayed well enough to do them.

On that subject though ☹️  My Crohn's has been very unsettled this week. This in turn can affect my lower back, simply because when the Crohn's pain starts I find myself tensing up a lot, which is a natural reaction to intense pain. So since Wednesday I have been in quite bad lower back pain. My coach, the amazing Ross Thornton, of course tells me movement is the best medicine, which I agree with, so with his help I have kept myself mobile. This morning’s Triathlon was therefore not without pain. However the sun was out, the rain had at last stopped and the terrible wind has blown itself away. So at least it meant I could get outside to get this done. The swim and the bike were definitely harder than I wanted them to be as I was really conscious of my back complaining, but by the time I had my shoes on and was running down the seafront I found it loosening up (Ross was right as usual) and I managed to still do the run in under an hour. I am walking a little slowly now if I am honest, but I will keep moving around as I want this gone for next week’s one as it would be nice to at least try to enjoy the last couple.

Earlier this week I was looking at some old pictures and came across some from when I first started swimming in 2010 when training for the Channel. Then another from 2012 when I did the big swim. Then another from 2016 when I did my first Triathlon. And finally last year when I did my first full Ironman. I have had to post them here as the difference in my body shape from 2010 to now is crazy! Mind you the years have also changed the colour of my hair rather a lot as well 😊

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