November 10, 2022

Triathlon 49 - 52x52 Challenge

Thursday 10/11/22

Number 49

Swim – 38.15

Bike – 1.27.13

Run – 56.29

Wind wind go away and do not come back another day. All the disciplines of a Triathlon are fine in the rain, even in the lashing rain. All are fine in the hot sun, in fact I love exercising hard in the baking sun. But the wind is another beast all together. Sea swimming in the wind is just pure danger. I do it because I have to for this challenge and on a low tide I do it for fun because I am odd. But nonetheless a windy sea is a dangerous place to be. Cycling in the wind is so dangerous. Road cycling means you are cycling next to cars and heavy vehicles and all it takes is a huge gust of wind and you are blown right into their paths. And that is without even the amount of energy you have to spend cycling into a headwind. Running is not dangerous in the wind of course, unless you choose to run on the side of a cliff, which would be odd and I don’t do! But running into a strong headwind is just exhausting. These last three weeks have just been wind wind wind, making my triathlons so challenging.

Nonetheless of course I ploughed on and got this morning's Triathlon done. The times were oddly not dissimilar to usual despite the wind, in fact the 10k run was a couple of minutes quicker. But I am feeling sluggish now as it did take a lot of energy to get through it.

So now I am 49/52 done, which leaves just the 3 left. These will be the next two Fridays in a row and then the last day of November, which is Wednesday 30th. I took on this challenge in November last year, so it’s a great feeling to be back in November knowing I have almost completed my promise.

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