When she applied for an Edward Starr Award, Abby lived with her mother, older brother of 21 and two younger siblings aged 12 and 13. Unfortunately, there was very little money coming into the house and Abby’s mother has a serious debilitating illness; her condition was deteriorating, threatening her life expectancy. She is unable to walk more than a very short distance and has regular hospital appointments. The family supported Abby in her dreams of going to Plumpton College to study Small Animal Care with a view to working in some capacity with animals in the future (possibly as a veterinary nurse). They were proud of her ambitions, but were unable to fund travel there. Abby wanted to board at Plumpton, both to cut down on the travelling and to take the pressure off the home which is somewhat crowded. The needs of others in the family meant that for Abby to get out in time in the morning was difficult and Abby had to help her mother with housework etc. when her mother was unable to do it herself. Abby is a very able student but for various family reasons she did not attend school and therefore did not achieve academically. However with Access her attendance was good and the standard of work produced – excellent. The Edward Starr Award allowed Abby to continue in education; the first in her family to do so; and we believe that she has the potential and drive to do well – given some support to overcome/cope with some of her home life issues. The Trust was able to give Abby £5,000 to fund her year long course at Plumpton College. The money covered:

  • Boarding Costs £2000.00
  • Set-up costs £1000.00 (personal – clothes, toiletries, bedding, alarm clock(!)
  • Years ‘pocket money’ £1500.00 (based on old EMA)
  • Course costs £350.00 (Books, equipment, educational trips etc.)
  • Damage deposit £150.00
Updates from Abby

Updates from Abby

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