15 year old Alex has an amazing imagination and creativity, and attends the Self Managed Learning Centre in Brighton and is flourishing there. We awarded Alex to fund the 2018 school fees at SMLC.

Updates from Alex

Alex says:

“This award is giving me an education that I attend and learn in. SMLCollege is such a unique opportunity that only a few can experience and that I’m glad to be a part of. So, thank you and that’s the truth.”

Updates from Alex

February 2024

We paid for a replacement laptop for Alex that she can use for her degree.

May 2022

With support from the Starr Trust to access education, initially with the funding for a placement at the SMLC and later with dyslexia hardware and software at mainstream college, Alex has been able to demonstrate her capabilities, achieve academically and her confidence has bloomed. Alex will be commencing an Education with Special Needs degree in September 2022.  Her longer term aim is qualifying to teach teenagers and young adults who find accessing education problematic or who have been excluded from education.  

Alex says  "If it was not for the Starr Trust, my life would be very different.  I would not have got to where I am now. I would not be going to Uni in September if the charity had not supported me for the past 4.5 years."

February 2020

Alex received a further award for equipment to help with her dyslexia. Alex says: “I just wanted to say thank you not just you but all of the Starr Trust team. You guys are absolutely amazing, life changing and just generally lovely people. There are no words I can use to describe my gratitude and love towards to you all. You guys are truly people sent from the heavens to bring smiles to the faces of children in Brighton & Hove. The Starr Trust has supported me for the last three years and I am just speechless from all the kindness you guys have shown me. Thank you for everything and I hope to see you all soon and thank you in person.P.S. I’m sending you this from the surface pro and its so amazing I honestly don’t think I’ve loved a piece of equipment so much in my life.Thank you all so much.

February 2019

Now 15, Alex’s mother says “She is becoming an independent, articulate, caring and considerate young person, with an awareness of how she functions and that she can do some things very well. There has been a massive shift in how she performs in all aspects of life and in 2018 spoke at a Starr Trust event at short notice and participated in filming for the Trust. She is now working hard towards her GCSEs and is the Mental Health rep at Self Managed Learning Centre.” Her award will pay for her final year of study at Self Managed Learning Centre. This award has been sponsored by Drum Technologies.

November 2018

Alex and her mother Janine featured in our video, to help us raise a whopping £44000 at the recent Starr Trust ball. We thank Alex and Janine for sharing their story so beautifully.  

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