Charlotte was offered a place at Brighton and Hove High School to follow her academic dreams, but her family were unable to afford the fees.We gave Charlotte, who is a young carer, an award to help with school fees, uniform, and music lessons.

Updates from Charlotte

Updates from Charlotte

October 2023

Charlotte with Ambassador Momma Cherri at our Celebration Night 2023

October 2020

Some news from Charlotte herself:  “Hi I’m Charlotte I’m 13 years old and I am a Starr Champion, during this awful COVID pandemic , I thought about others in society and what would be helpful for people in society who are suffering. People have been made redundant, furloughed or have very little income because they can’t work. Having recently learned to use a sewing machine, I decided to make handmade face coverings from scratch ... as they were in very high demand because the frontline needed them, so over the last few weeks I have cut, measured, pinned and sewed face coverings all different sizes and patterns to fit all. Most importantly they are reusable. I have not put a price on buying the masks, but asking if you would just kindly make a donation if possible. I want to give a little bit back and show my appreciation for the support The Starr Trust have given me.” If you’d like to purchase a mask please get in touch with  

July 2020

A further award was given to Charlotte to continue with her studies. Her mum says: “We are so entirely grateful that myself and Charlotte has this financial assistance so she can pursue her love for learning and without this financial support we would not be in a position for Charlotte to get this fantastic opportunity.

June 2019

Charlotte and her mum organised a stall for us at St Anne’s Well Gardens festival. Alex’s mother Janine, and Isaac’s mum Shoona also helped, with donations from Daisy and Max’s mum Tracy. The event raised a fantastic £102.  

May 2019

Look out for Charlotte and her mum at St Anne’s Well park Spring Festival this spring. Charlotte’s mum Lisa is organising a table top sale there on the 18th May. The proceeds from the sale will go to the Starr Trust.  Lisa says: “Myself and Charlotte have decided to thank the Starr Trust, as they believed in my daughters educational ability and without the Starr Trust’s financial assistance this wouldn’t be possible for my daughter to achieve her passion for learning, and be happy and continue to thrive.

November 2018

Charlotte is busy planning a fundraising table sale – with proceeds coming to the Starr Trust. She is also representing the school Chamber Choir, as well as being a prefect, and is getting excellent grades even in Latin (which she has never studied before), obtaining the highest grade with a A+.

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