Coralie is an aspiring actor who has the opportunity to attend an elite performing school, but family circumstances meant that she was unable to afford the fees. We awarded Coralie the funds to access the training she needs to fulfil her potential.

Updates from Coralie

Coralie says:

"The performing arts industry is often difficult for those who don’t come from a financially stable or high income background. Accessing training with little money is difficult, and before the Starr Trust, I felt like I couldn’t get past this financial barrier that was stopping me from reaching my potential. It makes you lose confidence a bit too, thank there are opportunities out there, but without the funds to invest in your passion they are difficult to access.

I was absolutely delighted to receive a Starr Trust award! It really has helped my confidence in my ability and potential as an actor, as well as access training that I could’ve only dreamed of before the support of the trust. I feel it will impact the way I view and market myself as an actor, and the way the industry will view me."

Updates from Coralie

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