After Frida became unwell, school became unmanageable for her. She was ostracised, unsupported, exhausted and profoundly unhappy. Her grades plummeted. She moved to the Brighton Waldorf school, where she was comfortable and accepted. Her grades recovered and her energy and sense of fun returned. Unfortunately, her family couldn’t sustain paying for the school. The Starr Trust gave Frida the funding to stay at the Waldorf School.

Updates from Frida

Frida's mum says:

"Receiving a Starr Trust award has meant that Frida can stay at the Waldorf school where she is really happy, has good friends, feels safe and supported with regards to her disabilities, and is achieving academically, as she recovers from her illness. It’s hard to put into words quite how much this means to us. It means everything. We were really worried about Frida's future, and now we’re not.

Now, thanks to the support of the Starr Trust, we feel safe and happy knowing that Frida can access education in a setting that is suitable and comfortable for her, surrounded by a supportive school community."

Updates from Frida

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