Iona applied to be able continue her studies with The Young Actors Group in Brighton; she has excelled with this group and has been chosen for lead roles both within her own group and the adult group. The family has run into financial difficulty and would find it hard to meet the financial commitment without help.The Starr Trust has awarded Iona £258.00 which covers the cost of the whole of the next years fees.

Updates from Iona


That’s amazing! I really want to continue studying at The Young Actors Group and now i can!

Iona’s mum :

I am so thrilled that Iona is getting this extra help from the Starr Trust. Without this we would not have been able to continue at The Young Actors Group. This is a really valuable award and we hope this publicity will attract other parents who see a special talent in their child and want to give them extra help to develop their skills but don’t have the extra funds to be able to support them.

Updates from Iona

September 2017

Iona played Audrey in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Lewes Old Grammar school, directed by the brilliant Rachel Munro in the Music Department.  

March 2016

Exciting News! Iona auditioned to be a part of Glyndebourne Youth Orchestra this year and got accepted. She will be performing A Midsummer’s night dream in August. Big congratulations Iona!

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