Jessie-Jae absolutely loved attending K-Bis Theatre School and has a fantastic aptitude for the performing arts, however the fees were starting to become a challenge for her family. The Starr Trust paid for Jessie-Jae to attend K-Bis for one year.

Updates from Jessie-Jae

Jessie-Jae says,

I can’t believe something like this would happen to someone normal like me!

Her mum says,

Thank you for believing in Jessie-Jae and letting her live her dream.

Updates from Jessie-Jae

August 2023

Jessie-Jae is performing as part of the cast of the parody musical Stranger Sings until 26th August; click here to learn more.

September 2021

We are delighted to share that Jessie-Jae, along with Champions Jasmine and Daisy, will be performing at Brighton and Hove Rotary’s Creative Exposed event this Saturday at 10.25AM. Please do come along and support them.

January 2018

We have paid for Jessie-Jae to continue her studies with Shana Goldman for a further year.

August 2017

Jessie-Jae features in the new video for ‘Pumping the Beats Out’ by Choc ft. Mc Buzz:

June 2017

Congratulations to Jessie-Jae for her theatre school performance on Saturday 3rd June.The show, which featured students of Goldman’s Theatre School in Brighton, Hove and Eastbourne was held at Roedean Theatre. Mel and Alex from the Starr Trust went along to support her.

Mel says:

“It was great to see Jessie-Jae on stage – we loved the colourful tap number and Jessie-Jae’s singing in ‘A Million Reasons’ was beautiful. From the beam on Jessie’s face, she was clearly having a wonderful time doing what she loves most”.

April 2015

The Starr Trust has awarded Jessie-Jae the funds to attend K-Bis for a further year. Jessie-Jae says

“Just knowing the Starr Trust believes in me enough to help me live the dream for another year makes me so very proud. Having been given the chance to be an Edward Starr Champion for a second year I promise to put in 110% 7 days a week and make you all proud of me .I have had the best year and being a champion really does feel like being part of a big happy family.”

July 2014

Jessie-Jae is in the middle of her exams at the moment, but feeling positive about them and looking forward to taking part in the annual K-Bis end of year show in July. Members of the Trust team are excited to have some tickets to go and watch; more on this soon!

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