Kit is in training to become an Associate Physician. We awarded him the funds for medical volunteering in the Gambia as part of his training.

Updates from Kit

Kit says:

"I loved the first year of my two year Physician Associate MSc but decided to intermit before starting the second year in August 2023. I needed to expand my knowledge of other countries and medical settings to increase my skillset and interpersonal skills. I also wanted to interact with individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds in readiness for working in the NHS.

I am so pleased that you have decided to support me for my trip to the Gambia. This helped me afford the many expenses associated with the flights, equipment and day to day expenses and is much appreciated.  I am glad that financial constraints and personal circumstances did not inhibit my dream of returning to West Africa (part of my heritage) and opportunity to explore the positive aspects of a non-Western lifestyle."

Updates from Kit

February 2024

We awarded Kit the funds to continue his degree.

Kit says: "Training to be a Physician Associate is an expensive proposition and the road has been challenging undergoing this training but the support of the Starr Trust has made the most amazing difference to realising this dream."

February 2023

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