Mackenzie, aged 15, won an award to study golf at Lindfield Golf College.

Updates from Mackenzie


I started playing golf at a young age with my dad and three years ago I was lucky enough to become a member at my local golf course. I started to compete in competitions and this gave me such a buzz, I knew that golf was the way forward for me. Through sheer hard work and no coaching I managed to get my handicap down to 11 and was offered a place at the Golf College in Lindfield. Unfortunately the fees were too expensive for my family to be able to afford, but thanks to the Starr Trust I now have the opportunity to follow my dream. Thanks to the Starr Trust giving me £5000 towards my golf college fees I am now able to follow my dream. I could never have been given this opportunity without the grant from this amazing charity and I am so grateful for their help. Hopefully, some day you may even see me on the television thanks to the Starr Trust.

Updates from Mackenzie

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