River has been playing tennis since she was 4 years old, and has the potential to go far in the sport. The Starr Trust awarded River the funding for continued tennis coaching and equipment.

Updates from River

River’s mum says:

“Thank you all so very much for awarding River a grant. We feel honoured and hugely grateful! The grant will make a tremendous difference as it’s given River the opportunity to explore her full potential in tennis which she wouldn't otherwise have. Massive thank you to all at the Starr Trust!”

Updates from River

February 2024

We gave River the funds to continue with her tennis coaching.

Rivers mum says: "As a mum, nothing brings me greater joy than watching River enjoy and excel in her tennis. It means so much to her. She's happiest when playing and thrives on the challenge of being her best through coaching and matches, being granted a Starr trust grant makes her dreams possible."

March 2023

River won the Tennis Tigers Green Ball Tournament earlier this month. Congratulations River!

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