William found FMG gym to be very helpful for his personal development, but his family were struggling to pay for his training. We awarded William the funds to continue one-to-one training for the next year.

Updates from William

William says:

“I never thought I would go to a gym because of the loud music and clanking weights. FMG is amazing as it is quiet; no music, just the instructor and me. I have gained confidence and my balance and co-ordination have improved. I am really grateful for the funding”

Updates from William

August 2023

We awarded William with the funds to continue his training with Henry at FMG.

William says: "I didn’t like doing any exercise, but going to see Henry changed things for me and he made me believe I can do anything, if I put my mind to it. I am training and getting fitter and enjoying it. I am really happy I am receiving this award as it makes me feel positive and in a great mood after training."

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