July 13, 2022

Control the Controllables and accept the Uncontrollables!

So I get 28 Triathlons done pretty injury free, then go on holiday for a week and hurt my back 🤦‍♂️.  On day 2 of the holiday I just did a 6k run on the beach. The sand was so slippery I must have run badly, add in 34 degrees, my Crohns playing up, dehydration, and bang - my sciatica kicks off. Rest of holiday, whilst wonderful, was pain filled each day. Sciatic back paid is so draining.

Home now and saw my superman coach Ross Thornton. I needed his super back fixing skills, but more than that I needed him to tell me it’s ok to still do my triathlon on Friday (29/52). He said I can!!! I have to however control the controllables as I can’t damage this more. So I’ll do the swim in the sea, but stay close to shore in case of spasm. Then I’ll do the bike & run in the gym. It will hurt a lot I know. And it’ll probably take 5-6hrs to do. But if I just keep going and control how I do it then it won’t cause more damage. In fact despite the pain I will have, movement is actually the best medicine, so if I can somehow push through it then ultimately it will aid the recovery. I just can’t get behind on the challenge as having to catch up would be mentally too tough. So that’s the plan. Slow and steady and breathe breathe breathe.

I guess this challenge was always going to challenge my 53 yr old body!!

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