May 23, 2022

Triathlon 21 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 20/05/22

Number Twenty-One

Swim 40.26

Bike 1.26.07

Run 40.26

9am and 21st Triathlon done.

All done inside. But not just because it’s foul out there. Last night I had about 1 hours sleep only as my Crohns was bad. So I needed this morning to get up, shake it off and fight through it, but not leave the house. Those with this horrible disease understand that sometimes you have to stay close to home 🤦. Friends of mine, two beautiful and brave ladies Grace Ellen and Katryna Thomas-Shell, understand this as they live with it as well and like me they just crack on with life. They are remarkable ladies both of them. It’s a nasty illness and it can tire you out and slow you down if you let it, but it does not have to stop you achieving! I’ve had Crohns since I was in primary school and sure enough it’s caused many pressures over the last 40+ years but as we all know pressure ultimately makes diamonds. So it’s because of my Crohns rather than despite it that even though I’m 53 yrs old I’m still cracking on and am now 21 into 52 Triathlons this year. If I can do this then trust me you can as well. Anyone can achieve anything if they choose to. As my friend Jon Saunders always says — CRACK ON 👊❤️

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