May 30, 2022

Triathlon 22 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 27/05/22

Number Twenty-Two

Swim 37.27

Bike 1.48.13

Run 1.09.04

Last night I got home from work at 9pm so really couldn’t see myself getting up and doing a triathlon in the morning. But luckily I don’t sleep much (🤣) so I was awake as early as usual, out the house by 5.45am and at the beach by 6am, and the rest as they say is history. I’m pleased it’s done though! Let’s keep getting them done 👊

Sharing a few swim pics as I took my phone with me today.  Bit bumpy out there.

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Triathlon 27 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 27, 2022

A repetition can be defined as one complete movement of a particular exercise. Yep that’s what this challenge is. It’s the 52x52 Repetition Challenge. And the result is a build up of exhaustion.

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Triathlon 26 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 20, 2022

Officially half way! Today was my 3rd triathlon in 7 days, 25 weeks into the challenge and number 26 out of 52 done. And I have done it with no obvious injuries, which is either a miracle or because I am being looked after by Ross Thornton, the best coach and trainer there is.

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Triathlon 25 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Jun 13, 2022

Triathlon 25/52, second one in 2 days. This was an official one in Eastbourne called Tribourne. It was the setting for the full Ironman I did last year and I have to say I think I had a little PTSD standing there waiting for the off🤣.

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