June 6, 2022

Triathlon 23 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 03/06/22

Number Twenty-Three

Swim 33.16

Bike 1.41.07

Run 1.14.24

Triathlon Number 23/52 done - getting seriously close to the half way point. Being a bank holiday I really felt like I didn’t have to do this, my brain was saying surely a bank holiday is a complete rest day. Silly really as it’s just a Friday after all. It did make getting up at and swimming at 6.30am a challenge in itself. I ended up staying home for the swim in the pool as I just couldn’t see myself heading to the beach. Shame really as such a nice day, but I had to go with whatever I was able to do, and this seemed the only way I was going to do it. However, once the swim was done I actually felt ok about going out and doing the bike. As I was home I headed straight up to Devil’s Dyke rather than the coast, which was a treat as the countryside when the weather is like this is so beautiful. I did a large single loop and got home just about on the 40k and then popped on the shoes for the run. The run was a treat today as Sharon and Mia were up and dressed having decided to join me. It meant I had to go at their pace, but swapping speed for their company was so brilliant. Once again a Triathlon that was more about the mind than the body; that seems to be what this challenge is all about. Jubilee weekend ahead, so the next 3 days is all about the BBQ 🍗👏 

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A repetition can be defined as one complete movement of a particular exercise. Yep that’s what this challenge is. It’s the 52x52 Repetition Challenge. And the result is a build up of exhaustion.

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Triathlon 25/52, second one in 2 days. This was an official one in Eastbourne called Tribourne. It was the setting for the full Ironman I did last year and I have to say I think I had a little PTSD standing there waiting for the off🤣.

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