June 10, 2022

Triathlon 24 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 10/06/22

Number Twenty-Four

Swim 34.56

Bike 1.25.43

Run 52.21

This morning was a simple get it done Tri. Not much thought went into it if I am being honest, but of course I put in the usual hard work that I do every week. The weather was once again unsettled, with wind, rain and slight fog, but it was not cold. Also it was not burning sun, which can be a real energy sapper. So it was just a case of swim, bike & run, staying safe, and getting the job done.  Sorry it was not any more exciting than that, but sometimes a lack of excitement and drama is a good thing!  So I am now at 24/52 and in two days (Sunday) I will be doing another one, taking me to 25/52 and almost at that amazing 26/52 half way stage. Sunday is my first official triathlon event, being TriBourne at Eastbourne, about an hour away from Brighton. It is the scene of my full ironman last year and I think it will be nice to go back to that course and only do an Olympic distance rather than the crazy full ironman. It’s also a bit of a landmark for me as when I booked my organised ones it seems so long ago and ever since then I’ve just been going solo. So I’ll report back after Sunday and hopefully will be able to tell you that I survived and ticked off yet another one.

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A repetition can be defined as one complete movement of a particular exercise. Yep that’s what this challenge is. It’s the 52x52 Repetition Challenge. And the result is a build up of exhaustion.

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Officially half way! Today was my 3rd triathlon in 7 days, 25 weeks into the challenge and number 26 out of 52 done. And I have done it with no obvious injuries, which is either a miracle or because I am being looked after by Ross Thornton, the best coach and trainer there is.

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Triathlon 25/52, second one in 2 days. This was an official one in Eastbourne called Tribourne. It was the setting for the full Ironman I did last year and I have to say I think I had a little PTSD standing there waiting for the off🤣.

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