June 27, 2022

Triathlon 27 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 24/06/22

Number Twenty-Seven

Swim 33.04

Bike 1.47.49

Run 48.30

A repetition can be defined as one complete movement of a particular exercise. Repetitions are simply a means to count the number of exercise movements performed in a given amount of time.

Yep that’s what this challenge is. It’s the 52x52 Repetition Challenge. And the result is a build up of exhaustion.  

This morning (Friday 24th June) I woke at 4am and literally felt achy all over and exhausted. Absolutely no doubt at all that the repetition of 6 months of nonstop training every week with a Triathlon every Friday is tiring and my limit is being tested.  

So what! I’ve got this 🤣

By 5.10am I was out the house and by 5.25 I was standing outside the swimming club at the beach. Unsurprisingly the shutter was down. Luckily I have my fob. By 5.35am I was in the sea. And it was bumpy. I swam west from the pier against the tide to the donut groyne before heading directly out and back with the tide to the end of the pier, around it and back to shore. I should say I would not recommend to anyone being that far out at sea on a bumpy tide at 5.55am on your own. Rather scary if I’m honest.

Then, after a quick dry I was back home and on the bike and cycling into a very strong headwind 20k to Worthing. It was slow going! Until I turned around to cycle the 20k home and the wind was now behind me and shoving me home at super speed.

As for the run, well it was 10k. Nothing more to say other than I was rather pleased when it was over.

So that’s 27/52 done and 25 to go.

One more Tri next week and then a much needed week off - thank god I’m one ahead of myself. I need to reset! I need to rest and recoup. Can’t wait. Then it’ll be once more repeat & repeat until another forced rest in August 🙏

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