July 18, 2022

Triathlon 29 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 15/07/22

Number Twenty-Nine

Swim 1.05.19

Bike 1.32.58

Run 54.40

Triathlon 29/52, aka - The Painful Tri 🤕

Just 10 days ago I trapped my sciatic nerve in my back and literally was in immense pain. Over the last 10 days I have gone from being unable to move around freely, unable to sleep, or even sit comfortably, to doing a full Olympic triathlon this morning. I can’t say it was pain free and I am expecting the inevitable aches, stiffness and pain to come on now, but who cares, I did my triathlon and I’m super proud of myself for not giving in to my mind telling me I couldn’t or shouldn’t.

Of course I didn’t just do the usual distances; because I was injured I decided to do more (of course!) I was joined in the sea at 6am by the incredible Sam Thomas and rather than the usual 1.5k we actually swam pier to pier to pier - 2.6k - this was his longest swim ever, amazing job Sam and thanks for coming along to make sure I wasn’t caught out in the ocean with a back in spasm. You kept me safe my friend.

So that is 29/52 done and over £50,000 now raised.  

If as Ross Thornton says ‘Movement’ is the best medicine, then I am now well and truly medicated 😎

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