July 27, 2022

Triathlon 31 - 52x52 Challenge

Tuesday 26/07/22

Triathlon 31/52 (1st of 2 this week)

Swim 32.46 mins

Bike 1.40.26 hr

Run 58.43 mins

This is another of those weeks when I need to get two Triathlons done to bank one for a holiday. In fact I need to bank 2 as I am away in August for two weeks, so I am doing Tuesday & Friday this week and also the same next week.  A tall order generally, but more so with a sciatic back. Yes I know the back again, boring boring boring! But to not mention it would be not giving the full picture. However, the good news is that by working through it and trying to smile instead of grit my teeth I find that I am making it better. The secret definitely is to work out how bad the pain is and then react to that. So for a 9/10 pain it’s got to be very little movement, but movement nonetheless. Once it gets to about 5/10 pain, which is where I am at now, then you can push through it. So this morning I did just that, I did the Triathlon as if I was pain free and just pushed through. It wasn’t easy of course, but interestingly enough it became easier as the minutes went by. At the end, at around just over 3 hrs in I felt the best I have felt in weeks. I am hopeful that within another week or so I can completely stop whinging about my back and start talking about the challenge itself – sorry if I have become boring on this back subject!

Instead of photos today I wanted to put a link to my donate button. I thought that just in case you were feeling generous, or fancied supporting an old man doing a ridiculous challenge that you would like to know how.  Also please remember that 100% of the money raised will be given out – that is 100% of your sponsorship going to a young person who needs your help. Please have a look on our website at some of the young people we help – this is where your money will go.

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