August 1, 2022

Triathlon 32 - 52x52 Challenge

Tuesday 26/07/22

Triathlon 32/52 (only 20 to go)

Swim 28.41

Bike 1.26.02

Run 52.50

5.25 am - silly time to be up 🤷‍♂️

I started my morning at 5.25am on the beach and by 6.30am was helping a stranded swimmer get home! Let me explain.

I was in the sea by 5.25am this morning on a low tide and a calm sea. I was pain free as well, barely a grumble from my back. I swam twice around the pier, passing on the second time a sea swimmer I have seen a few times but never spoken to. I now know him as Pete.

Pete and I landed on the beach at the same time and we chatted as we walked out of the sea as to just how amazing a morning it was. And also that we seemed to have the entire sea just to ourselves. As we reached the spot where he had left his bag he started to look concerned. His crutch (yes the chap walks with a crutch) was slightly up the beach and not by his bag, meaning someone had been there. To his great dismay his big was empty. No towel, no coat, no glasses and no car key. Some complete %^$^%%% had stolen his stuff. My gear was locked in our arch, I was very lucky. I mean to be left on the beach in just your trunks - not nice!! Luckily for Pete I was there. I grabbed my stuff from the arch, first getting dressed of course, and drove him home to get his spare clothes, keys and glasses and then brought him back to his car. I mean ok take his coat if you really need it (not that I would!), but not his towel, glasses & keys - I mean that’s just a &*^%*&^%^ thing to do to someone. What a stroke of luck for him though that at 5.30am on a Friday he bumped into a fellow sea swimmer who still had his car keys. I think poor Pete may now be joining our swimming arch sometime soon!!

Back to me. This week I have worked proper hard on getting my back sorted. This for me is not taking pills or laying down and resting - it is very much MOVEMENT IS THE BEST MEDICINE. Painful as it is to move so much with a bad back it is actually the way to cure a trapped nerve.

So my week was – 5 sea swims, 1 physio, 2 strength gyms, 2 cardio gyms and now 2 Olympic Triathlons. That is quite a lot for a 53 yr old to do I can tell you. But it worked. My Tri today, number 32/52 and second of the week, was almost pain free. I would say in fact 95%.  

So now for a couple of days to rest and then next week another 2 to get done and then I can go off on my 2 week holiday and have a proper rest knowing I have two firmly in the bank.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me to date, amazing and thank you. To those who haven’t, please do think about it - pretty please xxx

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