September 23, 2022

Triathlon 40 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 23/09/22

Triathlon  40/52 done 👍

1500 metre Swim - 34.53 minutes

40k Bike - 1.26.38 minutes

10k Run - 39.59 minutes

I’m like the Benjamin Button of Triathlons, I am once again in my 40’s🤣.  

So 40 done in consecutive weeks with the odd doubling up; in fact this is again another double week as I’ve got Hever Castle Triathlon on Sunday. That’ll be 4 Tri’s in 9 days.  

The weather is so shocking today, just tipping it down, so I did it as an indoor one. I felt strong and capable so really upped the effort even more. It’s odd as yesterday I was feeling really fatigued again, plus I’ve got a coldsore on my lip which is a sign I’m physically low plus my Crohns been playing up for a few weeks. But despite all that I still felt strong and able to really push it. I guess my body needs this effort now? I dunno! But I’ll keep going all the time I can.

So with just 13 left if you haven't sponsored me yet then maybe the last 10 would be a great way to help me to the finish line 🤷‍♂️. I would be proper grateful for anything ❤️

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