September 25, 2022

Triathlon 41 - 52x52 Challenge

Sunday 25/09/22

Number 41

Swim – 35.34

Bike – 1.38.55

Run – 1.02.49

Triathlon 41/52 today. That is 4 in 9 days. I’m knackered 😴

Hever Castle Tri, which I’ve done before. The swim is colder (15 degrees) as it’s a lake, the bike & run are both hilly, which is hard but actually suits me better. I did a decent 3 hours 12 minutes, so happy with that.

I saw Sam Thomas there doing his first ever triathlon. Sam you are a bloody hero doing all these new things, the respect I have for you is off the charts. My friend you are now well and truly a TRIATHLETE.

I was also with my Tri Buddy Rob Piatt. One of my best friends ever, I love him, he’s family. He’s quicker than me, but he waited for me so we could run the 10k Run together. He’s why I got into triathlon originally. Rob thanks for sticking with me today.

So now only 11 left out of the 52 I started with. I can’t wait to get to single digits as honestly I’m exhausted and achy all the time.

But we crack on regardless because that’s what you just gotta do in life. You just crack on 🙏👍

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