October 3, 2022

Triathlon 42 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 30/09/22

Number 42

Swim – 33.27

Bike – 1.24.54

Run – 51.30

So if my maths are accurate then 52-42 = 10. I know it’s a complicated sum, but I think I’ve got it right. That means after 42/52 Tri this morning I’ve only got 10 left. It’s still a fair few, in fact it’s about 3 years’ worth for me normally, but in this current year of my life it’s just 8 weeks left (I’ve got two more double weeks coming up). So definitely on the home stretch now - 30th November for the last one.

So to today - it was cold 🥶 this morning. Air temp about 7 degrees, sea probably around 15 degrees at the moment, so dropping fast. Was super happy with my Run time of 51 minutes. All in all I smashed it today. I think sometimes being on my own makes it tougher, but on other days, like today, it actually makes me push on harder. No real reason to these things.

So 42 down and 10 to go, I’m happy to go into the weekend with that 🤟

Huge thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far – it really means a lot. I’m now at 61% of my £100k target for this madness – if you haven’t sponsored yet and are thinking about it, every pound helps keep me going and is appreciated wholeheartedly.

Special thanks for recent kind donations from Skerritts, Focus Group and Hilton Brighton Metropole, to name a few.

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