October 17, 2022

Triathlon 44 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 14/10/22

Number 44

Swim – 40.54

Bike – 1.22.42

Run – 57.56

Triathlon 44/52 done - 8 more to go

For some reason I was on it today, very different to the last few weeks. I think my lack of energy the last few weeks was due to doubling up too much, but now I’m back to just one Tri a week my energy levels have returned to normal Rob Starr levels. I’m not suggesting it was easy today because I would hate to lie to you, and of course I don’t want you to think this is an easy challenge (🤣), but when your energy levels return and your mind is in a good place it really does make the whole thing so much more palatable. Also my earlier sea swims this week were much easier as the wind has died away and my gym sessions were more strength than cardio based, so again hard work but less energy used.  

So this morning I was up early and out the house before 5.30am and at the beach ready for my swim by 5.40am - living near the beach is such a blessing. I took a couple of snaps and as you can see it doesn’t look too dark, but that is just an optical illusion. In real life there was no flash light (unlike in the phone) and therefore it was not far off pitch black - just the moonlight. It means that you really do have to be rather brave, or rather dumb, to head out from the safety of the beach and swim outwards into the dark. Luckily by the time I was swimming around the head of the pier they turned on some of their lights, which made me feel a little safer.  The darkness and the general fear aside I have to say that it was so beautiful and peaceful out there that it really did calm the mind and make me start to feel a bit zen-like. I can honestly see why all the studies around mental health cite sea swimming and cold water swimming as having incredible benefits.

After the swim it was back home to do the 40k bike ride and then into the running shoes and out onto the roads for a run around Hove. All in all it was a good Triathlon, with a decent pace and a clear head.

Now just 8 left and then I can hang up my kit. Isn’t it odd that I say “just 8 left”. I mean sure I started almost a year ago with 52 to do, so 8 is not many left. But it is still 8! How many people do 8 triathlons in a year? I used to do 2 in a year. How many professional athletes do 8 Triathlons in a year? How many professional athletes don’t take any rest days between their triathlons? I’m not trying to big myself up or anything like that, honestly I’m too old to care about that sort of thing. I guess I am just trying to put a bit of perspective on the fact that I “only have 8” left to do and say that this challenge is actually far from over and 8 remains a big challenge. So please stay with me and support me on this journey as it really helps to know I’m not alone, especially when I’m heading out into the darkness at silly o’clock in the morning.

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