October 24, 2022

Triathlon 45 - 52x52 Challenge

Friday 21/10/22

Number 45

Swim- 36.01

Bike- 1.33.05

Run - 58.41

Blooming hell that was hard. In one week I went from being strong and energised and enjoying the triathlon to tired, no energy and dreading it. The issue I think was actually severe lack of sleep. The last few nights I’ve had a bad cough; it is just a cough I should say and not the dreaded C19. Last night was particularly bad as I was coughing from 11pm all the way through until about 5.30am when I got up. In between I did get an hours sleep, but it was full of anxiety!

I rarely remember my dreams, but last nights hour was vivid in the extreme. I dreamt I was suddenly in a large house in Cornwall with Sharon and the kids as well as others who were so noisy. I wasn’t meant to have gone with them and was now late for a meeting in Lancing. I was trying to phone the people to say I will be very late to the meeting, but the house was so noisy I had to leave and find a quiet spot. I walked to a local village. Whilst walking I realised I wasn’t only late for the Lancing meeting but also I had forgotten to do my Triathlon. I got to the village and found a cafe that also sold bikes. I was explaining to the barista that I needed to buy a bike to do my triathlon before my meeting, but he wouldn’t sell me one. I was getting more and more upset... 

Then I woke up. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 5am and I realised I actually still had time to do my Triathlon and still get to my Lancing meeting. I then coughed myself out of bed and headed off for my swim. What a nonsense!

Anyhow I did the Triathlon, but it was a case of just battling through and getting it done, it was exhausting and mentally draining. I am now (it’s 10am) in the office and ready to head off soon to the meeting, and thankfully I won’t be late 🙄

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