November 4, 2022

Triathlon 47 - 52x52 Challenge

Tuesday 01/11/22

Number 47

Swim – 36.43

Bike – 1.26.33

Run – 42.20

Triathlon 47/52 Done - 5 left

Tuesday is not my usual day for this, but I need to get two done this week to stay on target for finishing early on 30th November. And my diary is so crazy this week that it’s got to be today and Thursday. That does mean 3 Triathlons in 7 days, which honestly is not easy and actually rather tiring if I’m being honest.  

And of course, having decided to do 2 this week I am faced with the worst weather! It’s windy, raining and very November all of a sudden 🤨

The sea was bonkers - just not swimmable. High tide and a 40mph wind meant it would have been totally unsafe to go in, and despite popular belief I am not actually that bonkers. Also trying to ride a bike in this wind along busy roads is also just not possible. As for the run in this rain - no thanks, I do not need to get the flu right now.

So the whole thing was done inside. This was not easy. It is just so mind numbing doing this all indoors. This morning I started at 6.30am and was looking constantly at the clock and the distances - both of which were so slow simply because I was watching them throughout. I literally wanted to quit every half an hour. It was torturous to keep going, it really was. It took all my energy to just keep going. But I did of course, obviously, but it was most unenjoyable. And Thursday’s weather is looking just the same 🤦

I am trying to focus on the positive here, but honestly can’t find any.

Oh well - 47 done and 5 to go, I guess that’s kind of positive! 

I’ll end this blog with a little smile though by attaching a photo of Eddie the Eagle, Daley Thompson and the amazing Nathan Freeman, all of who I got to hang out with on Saturday at the Starr Trust Winter Ball. It was an exceptional night indeed.

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