52x52 Challenge

Follow the unique journey of Starr Trust Founder & Chairman Rob Starr, whilst he takes on an extreme year long challenge - an Olympic Distance Triathlon every week for 52 weeks in 2022!

Our Target

£105,160 raised of £100,000 goal

The Cause

One of the inspirational young people we support is Nathan, who’s dream is to get to the next Paralympics. Rob’s unique ‘52 Triathlons in 52 Weeks’ challenge came about because Nathan needs to raise around £20,000, to enable him to reach the next Paralympics as a wheelchair tennis player. He is a remarkable young man who has Cerebral Palsy and who until 18 months ago, was a successful wheelchair racer who the Starr Trust was supporting. During a world championship race, Nathan suffered an accident that meant he could no longer race. So rather than give up he switched to wheelchair tennis and is now on the cusp of being chosen for the next Paralympics.

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Updates from Rob

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Triathlon 47

Triathlon 47 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Nov 04, 2022

Tuesday is not my usual day for this, but I need to get two done this week to stay on target for finishing early on 30th November. And my diary is so crazy this week that it’s got to be today and Thursday. That does mean 3 Triathlons in 7 days, which honestly is not easy and actually rather tiring if I’m being honest.

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Triathlon 46

Triathlon 46 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Oct 31, 2022

That was an interesting one! To start with it was so different to last week. Whereas last week it was beyond a struggle to start and finish, this week I simply cracked on and powered through...

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Triathlon 45

Triathlon 45 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Oct 24, 2022

Blooming hell that was hard. In one week I went from being strong and energised and enjoying the triathlon to tired, no energy and dreading it...

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Triathlon 44

Triathlon 44 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Oct 17, 2022

For some reason I was on it today, very different to the last few weeks. I think my lack of energy the last few weeks was due to doubling up too much, but now I’m back to just one Tri a week my energy levels have returned to normal Rob Starr levels...

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Triathlon 43

Triathlon 43 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Oct 10, 2022

43/52 now done and at last into SINGLE DIGITS – just 9 to go!

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Triathlon 42

Triathlon 42 - 52x52 Challenge

Posted Oct 03, 2022

So if my maths are accurate then 52-42 = 10. I know it’s a complicated sum, but I think I’ve got it right. That means after 42/52 Tri this morning I’ve only got 10 left...

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